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Though there are many service provider apps in market, thebasic thing they lack is “Security”, not just of “Virtual Data” but of “PhyscialNature” too. 


Lets talk about a scenario where you are sitting in youroffice and your AC stops working at Home, you elderly parents have no idea ofhow to  get it repaired, you franticallycall various service vendors and one of them agrees to come, though you are abit relieved, you get more worried about the security of your parents, you don’tknow who is visiting your parents, his credentials and you then are constantlyon Phone, talking to them till the time the Vendor repairs the “AC” and leavesyour premises.

Lets talk about another “Scenario”, You are at your office and your AC stopsworking at home, your age old parents have no idea of how to get it repaired,its hot summer afternoon, but you don’t panic, you pick up your mobile, open “IndieTap”Mobile APP, put the location of your Home, you get a list of service providers,you TAP on one of them and book him, No, you don’t worry about security of yourParents as every service professional is “Police Verified”. Once the service iscompleted, you get a message of service request completion.


IndieTap is one stop solution for Service Professionalneeds, Our technology enables us to locate the nearest "verified" serviceprovider near you and allows you to book him instantly. All our electriciansare "Police Verified", you can also see the police verificationcertificate before you even book them for your services, you security isparamount to us, therefore we leave no stone unturned to offer your "Best VerifiedProfessionals"

Therefore why to wait , download Now, and let us take care of your all ServiceProvider Needs.

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