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By registering on any Platform as a “Consumer” you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

You have read and understood the User Agreement (detailing the Terms of Use/Access) and you agree to abide by the same at all times. For your ease of access, the User Agreement may be accessed here:User Agreement

You acknowledge that have also read and understood the Privacy Policy, and you agree to abide by the same at all times. For your ease of access, the Privacy Policy may be accessed here: Privacy Policy

As regards any job requests placed on the Platforms, please also note that you are free to negotiate and agree upon the scope of work to be carried out or service to be rendered and the applicable charges that may be payable by you to the Service Provider in relation thereto. The Company has no role or control whatsoever in relation to any such terms that may be negotiated or agreed upon between you and a Service Provider (including without limitation any agreement that may be reached between you and a Service Provider as to the cost of completion of any particular work, or provision of service or the cost of any raw materials, labour or spare parts that may be used etc.).

Work Orders once placed by you, shall not be cancelled after a period of [30mins] there from.

Please note that for each Work Order placed by you, a ‘Visitation Charge’ will be levied as displayed on the Platform at such relevant time. Your obligation to pay such charges arises upon the Service Provider visiting you at the address/location provided at the time of placing the Order irrespective of whether any work / service is provided or done or not. Such charges are payable upon each visit and are over and above any other charges or amounts negotiated and agreed upon between you and the Service Provider for work to be done or service to be rendered. You will not refuse to pay the Visitation Charge unless (a) the Service Provider negligently fails to visit you on the appointed date, or (b) you cannot authenticate the Service Provider’s identity on the basis of the information available on his profile on the Platforms. Also, all Visitation charges are final and non-refundable. The Company also reserves the right to charge additional charges/fees etc. as may be applicable, from time to time.

Notwithstanding anything contained anywhere on the Platforms, you agree, understand and acknowledge that the Company does not endorse any Service Provider in any manner whatsoever. Further, the Company shall not, in any manner whatsoever be responsible or liable for any representations or warranties provided by any Service Provider (including their fitness for purpose, their experience / ability to provide a specific service or do a particular job, or any materials, tools, or spare parts used by them), or for any other profile information provided by them.

Specifically, you also understand and acknowledge that (a) any Service Provider who offers to provide any ‘home repair or maintenance’ or other services via the Platforms, do so at their own instance, and not on behalf of the Company, and (b) the Service Providers are not employees, agents, representatives or partners of the Company.

Please also bear in mind that the Company does not exercise any control over the actions of any Service Providers or their ability to provide any services. You specifically acknowledge and understand that when you accept any quote or expression of interest provided by a Service Provider, you do so at your own risk. Without prejudice to the foregoing, it is reiterated that the Company is not liable in any manner whatsoever for any actions or omissions of the Service Provider (or any person acting or claiming to act on his behalf).

The Company, as a responsible organization, carries out good faith verification and authentication efforts of all Service Providers registered on the Platforms. However, please note that no such effort is a guarantee of conduct of any such person. You are therefore advised to take such reasonable precautions as you may deem necessary while using/accessing the Platforms, selecting Service Providers or in admitting any Service Providers into your homes/properties. At a minimum, kindly at least ensure that the description of the person claiming to be a Service Provider selected by you via our Platform, matches the photograph/description provided. In the event of any difficulty, please contact your nearest police station. In case of any doubts, please contact our support team at

The Company specifically disclaims any liability or warranty for any deficiency in service of a Service Provider or for any defect in any spares or parts that may be used/supplied by them, or any defect or liability that may arise at a later date. Specifically, it is the sole responsibility of the Service Provider to fulfil your agreement with him/her and complete his/her obligations. Additionally, the Company may, at its discretion make available any other facility (such as online payment facilities etc.) for your ease of use, and in this regard the Company may facilitate your payments to be made to the relevant Service Provider (subject to the Company’s Fees). In this regard, the Company may also collect / deduct appropriate taxes and other charges/levies. You understand and acknowledge that the mere factum of the Company making available such additional facilities will not entail in the imposition of any additional liabilities or responsibilities on the Company. The Company, at all times, remains only a conduit.

In the event the Visitation Charge (or any other applicable charges/fees) are pre-paid by you in full via any facility made available on the Platforms, and in the Company at its discretion determines that your claim for a cancellation is made bona fide and for no fault of your own, in such cases, any refund determined to be payable to you by the Company will credited to your registered account on the Platforms as ‘credits’ and be available to you in the future for any services that you may be willing to avail. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, please note that your claims for refunds of any and all amounts you may have paid to any Service Provider pursuant to any terms agreed amongst yourselves are matters to be discussed and resolved between you and the relevant Service Provider, and the Company disclaims any and all liability in relation thereto.

You will ensure that you (or any person authorized by you) remain available at the relevant time, at address / location provided at the time of placing the Work Order. Failure to do so, may entail a deduction / debit from your account.

Locations of the Service Provider, estimated time of arrival etc. are estimates and may vary. The Company assumes no liability whatsoever in relation to the same.

Claims for refunds etc. are matters to be negotiated between you and the Service Provider

You specifically agree, that you shall not collect or store the information of any Service Provider (including without limitation names, contact details, profiles etc.) for any reason whatsoever, including with a view to circumvent the Platforms or your obligations to pay Visitation fees in the future.

You further agree that you shall not recruit, solicit any Service Provider for employment or for executing any work or providing any service otherwise than through the Platforms, or otherwise cause or induce any Service provider to terminate his account on the Platforms.

You will not undermine the Platforms. In this regard, you further undertake, represent and warrant that: (a) you will pay the Service Provider the agreed fees (amongst yourselves), and on time, (b) you will not disrupt or otherwise prevent the Service Provider from fulfilling his obligations to you with the intention of avoiding your obligations to him.

If you have any grievances in relation to any Service Provider, please contact us at:

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